If you love to play the good old games in your PC with various emulators and you want to browse through them in a great new way then this program is for you.

Use EmuStation 3D as your menu system to navigate through your game collection in a fully 3D interface that features 3D game covers and detailed console models where you can organize and launch your favorite games!


Version 1.2.1 (22/8/12)
- Fixed the Browse for Cover/Screenshot button (Press [W] in "Add Game" menu)
- You can now launch GameCube games if you have Dolphin Emulator installed and set the option "Set Emulator" to the Dolphin.exe location
- Added left/right sounds
- Bug Fixes

Version 1.2 (1/19/12)
-Added 1 New Console
Sega Master System
- Added 'Edit Game' option
- Some other fixes

Version 1.1 (6/12/11)
- Added 4 New Consoles
Nintendo DS
Atari 2600
- You can now change the background image of the program. Press 'F3'
- Console select screen: Added ability to zoom in/out with +/-
- Consoles now will be sorted alphabetically
- Improved PS1 covers
- Fixed the errors when you delete a game
- Some other improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.0 (1/12/11)
Initial Release