If you love to play the good old games in your PC with various emulators and you want to browse through them in a great new way then this program is for you.

Use EmuStation 3D as your menu system to navigate through your game collection in a fully 3D interface that features 3D game covers and detailed console models where you can organize and launch your favorite games!

Help & Suport

Tutorial - Adding a Game

[ General ]
Navigate with Left/Right
Enter - Select/OK
Esc - Back/Cancel
F2 - Controls Help (This Screen)
F3 - Change Background Image
F4 - Switch screen mode (Full Screen/Window)

[ 'Console Select' Screen ]
Navigate with Left/Right
Enter - Select/OK
Up/Down - Show/Hide Console Menu
I - Show/Hide Console Information
+/- - Zoom in/out
F1 - About
Esc - Quit

[ 'Game Select' Screen ]
Navigate with Left/Right
Enter - Select/OK
Up/Down - Show/Hide Game Menu
Esc - Back/Cancel

You can also use a controller. Tested with an Xbox 360 controller.
Navigate with Left/Right
Up/Down - Show/Hide Menu
A - Select/OK
B - Back/Cancel
Back - Show/Hide Console Information
Y - About

How it Works
The program works with the file associations.
For example, to run an NES rom, while adding the game in to the program in the 'URL' option you must select the '.nes' file. Roms compressed in to zip, rar or any other format files are not supported at the moment.
You can add games where you can set the title, game (rom) location, cover and screenshot.
You can also download covers and screenshots from the program's browser by pressing [W] while adding a game. (it's a really fast and usefull feature)

Atari 2600
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 64
Play Station
Sega Genesis

Emulators or any roms are not included so do not contact us for requests.

Errors and how to fix them
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Error: ... "Cannot execute C:\*"
* location of the rom

Fix: To fix this make sure you have set the file associations for the roms to be able to run them with your emulator.
For example, lets say that you have a Nintendo 64 rom in ".z64" suffix. Right click on the ".z64" file and select "Open with" then select your N64 emulator. Make sure you check the "Always use this program to open this type of file" check box before you click OK.

Error: "3D models of the consoles are not visible and getting errors when adding a game"

Fix: Make sure you have extracted all the contents from the .zip file and the "EmuStation3D.exe" and the "Data" folder are in the same place. Inside the "Data" folder you must have the other 3 folders (Covers, Models, Snaps).